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Industrial Sector

- American Standard Sanitary Ware (Thailand) Public              
  Company Limited
- Boral Concrete (Thailand) Limited
- Caltex oil (Thailand) Limited
- Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited
- Colgate – Palmolive (Thailand) Limited
- Daikin Industries (Thailand) Limited
- EGAT Public Company Limited
- GE Plastics (Thailand) Company Limited
- General Motors (Thailand) Company Limited
- Honda Automobile (Thailand) Company Limited
- Isuzu Motor Thailand Company Limited
- Kimberly-Clark Thailand Company Limited
- Nestle (Thailand) Limited
- Saha Farms Company Limited
- Sanyo Universal Electric Public Company Limited             


 APR 27, 2009

Thai vacuum cleaner market
Thai vacuum cleaner website is constructed  by doodfoon

most of them are sold by our sales team. We plan to distribute the products to all of thailand by our networks group and autorized dealer for fullfil thai cleaning market.